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Rehab Solutions is locally owned and operated private physical therapy practice specializing in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injury and is dedicated to empowering people and getting results. Rooted in our faith, we believe there is a bigger picture and bigger plan for Rehab Solutions and our care goes beyond the standard patients in, patients out, approach. Listening and understanding the story and history of our patients is vital in the successful treatment outcome. We value time. Our patients time, that is. Our treatment sessions are designed to increase their productivity, and though we always enjoy seeing them, fewer visits to Rehab Solutions equal more productive patients.
Rehab Solutions has grown over the years in clinic size, patient visits, and staff but the primary goal of the clinic remains the same and that is “Quality, evidence-based, value-based” healthcare. We value evidence-based treatments with the agenda to get the best, most efficient outcomes possible. Diligence and staying progressive in healthcare is our duty.
Our practice uses the Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment (MDT) approach. Also known as the McKenzie Method, MDT is the most researched conservative care method of assessment and treatment found in literature. It utilizes trained clinicians with specific instruction and testing in the evaluation and treatment process, with emphasis on patient education and self-management. This treatment approach allows us to classify patients with pain based on their symptom response to movement. When this is done, the treatment is specific and individualized to the patient, which results in more successful outcomes. Rehab Solutions has the only certified MDT clinicians in the region.
Rehab Solutions is committed to the supporting the Energy Industry. We partner with leaders in the industry to promote the health of the employees through value based healthcare.

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