GREGG: Don’t Undermine Our Clean Energy Future

(Morning Consult, August 17) – America’s uranium mining industry and its employees are facing unprecedented challenges.  Changes to supply and demand coupled with a growing global economy have tested many mining businesses and diminished their position in the overall market. As a U.S.-based industry that employs hard-working Americans, the uranium mining industry and its challenges deserve […]

Barrasso Aims to Change the Clean Water Act to Give States Less Power to Stop Projects

(Casper Star Tribune, August 17) – Sen. John Barrasso is not pleased with Washington state. Although that is not an unusual position to hold in Wyoming — which is engaged in a legal dispute with the coastal state over coal — what the senator plans to do about his frustration could narrow a unique power […]

Wyoming Mining Rescue Teams Dominate at National Competition

(Associated Press, August 15) – Industries work hard to prevent emergencies, but if a major accident were to happen nearby, Sweetwater County has the best mine rescue teams in the nation ready to respond. Local teams ruled at national competition in Kentucky late last month, perhaps signaling a return to the local tradition of countrywide […]

Wyoming Spring Coal Production Highlights an Unpredictable Basin

(Casper Star Tribune, August 14) – Coal production in Wyoming’s prolific Powder River Basin was full of surprises this spring as production slowed in some mines and shifted up in others, keeping overall losses lower than they could have been. April to June is the shoulder season for coal buyers and, predictably, production in the […]

Report: Carbon Technology Could Support 2,600 Jobs in Wyoming

(Casper Star Tribune, August 13) – Using coal to make graphene, carbon fiber and other products could support 2,600 Wyoming jobs annually, according to a new report from the American Jobs Project. The U.C. Berkeley-based group is a nonpartisan think tank studying job potential in energy transition. From feedstocks to carbon capture, fossil fuels can be […]

DETI, CASH, CATCHPOLE, GORANSON: Barrasso an Advocate for Uranium

(Casper Star Tribune, August 12) – Uranium plays a vital role for America on both the national security and energy fronts, as well as for the state of Wyoming, the country’s leading domestic producer. Uranium plays a vital role for America on both the national security and energy fronts, as well as for the state […]

Candidates Propose Different Paths Forward for Wyoming’s Coal

(Sheridan Press, August 12) – Discussions about economic diversification have featured in nearly every Wyoming race this election cycle, with candidates suggesting ways the state can decrease its reliance on revenues from the volatile energy sector. At the same time, however, candidates are proposing solutions to the challenges facing the state’s energy sector and that […]

Barrasso: America’s Self-Imposed Uranium Shortage

(Wall Street Journal, February 8) – Uranium plays a vital role in maintaining America’s national security. The element powers nearly a quarter of the U.S. Navy’s fleet and keeps the lights on in around 20% of American homes and businesses. So why is the U.S. relying on adversaries to supply it with uranium? The American West—including […]

Ramaco Rezone Unrelated to Mine

(Sheridan Media, January 24) – Ramaco Carbon’s request for a rezone of land in the Acme area is entirely separate from the company’s request to operate Brook Mine. As Sheridan Media reported earlier, Ramaco will go before the Sheridan County planning commission on Feb. 1 asking that about 114 acres of land around the Acme […]