Statement from the Wyoming Mining Association on EPA’s Proposed Emission Standards

(Wyoming Mining Association, June 2) – The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed emission standards for existing coal-fired power plants is yet another example of the expansive and expensive regulatory agenda meant to hurt the coal industry, the Wyoming Mining Association (WMA) said today.

“The proposed rules are a raw deal for Wyoming, and will cost the state dearly in jobs, revenues and higher energy prices,” WMA Executive Director Jonathan Downing said.  “They will drive up the cost of electricity for families and businesses across the country, eliminating the most affordable, abundant and reliable power source from the nation’s energy portfolio.”

“The proposal is unprecedented in its reach, cost and complexity.  For all the cost, there is little gain.”

“Emissions originally regulated under the Clean Air Act have decreased over 85 percent since the law’s inception, while coal usage has nearly tripled.  With new technologies coming online, there is no reason to believe that trend cannot continue with regards to carbon dioxide.  But regulatory overreach is not the solution.”

Founded in 1956, the Wyoming Mining Association (WMA) is a statewide trade organization that represents and advocates for 39 mining company members producing bentonite, coal, trona and uranium, as well as one company in the permitting and development process for a rare earth element mine.  WMA also represents 129 associate member companies, two railroads and 180 individual members.

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