The War On Coal: Wyoming’s Uncertain Energy Future

(Casper Star Tribune , May 31) – In this month’s Energy Journal, the Star-Tribune examines Wyoming’s coal industry.

Our reporters traveled to Dave Johnston Power Plant in Glenrock to better understand the regulations governing coal plants, to the Naughton Plant near Kemmerer to witness the conversion of coal-fired units to natural gas and to Gillette to talk to school children about the industry’s future.

They found the great engine of Wyoming’s economy: a sector that supplies 40 percent of the country’s coal, accounts for $1.2 billion in state revenues and employs 6,400 people directly.

But they also found growing concern over coal’s future amid a tightening regulatory environment and growing concerns over climate change.

Above all, one thing was clear: Wyoming’s fortunes and the industry’s future are intrinsically linked.

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