Union Members Approve Tronox Labor Agreement

(Wyo4News.com, June 30) – The United Steelworkers voted today to enter into a labor agreement with Tronox.  Airport Union members voted today on a three-year contract.

T. Jay Kelso, president of the local union, said today that it was a relatively close vote, but not too close to call.

“We have no apprehension in saying that it was successful,” Kelso said.

The new contract includes wage increases as well as increases in retirement benefits over the next three years, said Kelso.

Employees will have the same health insurance program, but they will be paying a higher premium for the coverage.

Because the union needs to double check the votes from three different location, Kelso was unable to provide exact percentages of the vote.

Over 80% of the local union membership voted on the issue.

The vote impacts approximately 650 hourly employees at Tronox, all of which are members of the union. Tronox employs over 900 employees at the plant near Green River.

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