WMA Statement on Misleading Political Calls

(Cheyenne) –  Wyoming mining family: We have been notified that an organization calling itself “Wyoming Friends of Coal” has been making political calls around the state attempting to influence the outcome of tomorrow’s Republican Gubernatorial primary.  Please know that this is not a Wyoming group or in any way affiliated with Friends of Coal or Friends of Coal West.  It is rather another shady and deceptive dark money outfit out of Washington DC…the type of which has plagued our elections this year.  It is our understanding that legal action against this group has been initiated, but regretfully damage has probably already been done.  This is garbage politics at its finest. We denounce it and would hope that candidates would come forth and do so, as well.  For the record, while WMA is not endorsing a candidate for governor in the primary we have spoken to all of them.  Across the board, all have indicated strong support for Wyoming coal and mining in general.  WMA takes them at their word.  We would ask that you please share this post.

Travis Deti
Executive Director
Wyoming Mining Association