2019 Convention Presentations

Wyoming Mining – Forward Together
Thursday, June 6, 2019
Cody, Wyoming

Mr. Jerry Mullins – “Mining Today and Tomorrow, Together”

Mr. Mike Nasi – “Status Check on Environmental Regulatory Reforms and National Energy Policy Update”

Mr. Nick Loris – “The Impact of Climate Change Policy on Mining”

Mr. Bob Budd – “Sage Grouse 2020 and Beyond”

The Honorable Lou Hrkman – “Carbon Free Fossil Energy”

Reclamation and Safety – Forward Together
Friday, June 7, 2019
Cody, Wyoming

Mr. Brenda Schladweiler – “Comparison of Coal Mining Reclamation Issues in the United States/Wyoming vs. Underground Coal Mining in Eastern China”

Mr. Todd Parfitt – “Update of Current State Regulatory Matters”

Mr. Ed Green and Mr. Monty Cooper – “MSHA and NIOSH Developments During the Trump Administration – There’s More to It thank Meets the Eye”

Mr. Benjamin Houde – The CORESafety Impact”