Hospital, Tata partner on Employee Health Care

(Rock Springs Rocket Miner, July 2) – In an effort to increase access to quality health care for their employees, Tata Chemicals North America recently signed an agreement with Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County for occupational medical services.

Memorial Hospital has committed Dr. Jake Johnson, who is trained in occupational medicine, 20 hours a week to be on site at Tata Chemicals to care for the staff’s needs. The commitment also includes an occupational medicine provider on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In Johnson’s his absence, another certified provider will present at the facility.

Memorial Hospital, the only regional acute care hospital in Sweetwater County, as per definition of Wyoming law, has the capability of offering many diverse services to these patients, not only including occupational health, but laboratory and diagnostic services, urgent and critical care, and access to the largest specialty group in Southwest Wyoming.

“The health and safety of our employees is a top priority, and we are thrilled to provide them with on-site access to quality health care services from a trusted local provider,” CEO and Managing Director Martin Keighley of Tata Chemicals North America said. “As a 24-hour operation, it’s critical for our employees to receive medical attention whenever necessary. Additionally, employees have expressed their appreciation for the convenience and reassurance of having a doctor readily available at all times.”

Over the last year, the hospital has continued to develop its occupational medicine program based around local industry needs by increasing those services and bringing on new providers to handle the demand. It has had a strong, positive reaction to this program from many industries looking to offer the same quality, on-site care from a regional provider, according to a press release.

The occupational medicine team consists of Johnson, Dr. Lawrence Lauridsen, physician’s assistant Mark Sanders, and physician’s assistant Ryan Kid Wilk.

“Jake, Mark and myself have really been out hitting the pavement, talking to these industries, seeing if they are interested in what we are able to offer. Across the board, the feedback has been positive. Tata Chemicals has shown a big commitment to their staff in allowing us to come in and take care of them right at their workplace,” hospital CEO Jerry Klein said.

“We are working with a few other facilities to try and fit their needs, as well,” Klein said. “With our regional partnerships and also with our University of Utah affiliation, we are able to offer access to care that was never seen, even three and four years ago. The response has been so affirmative that we were able to bring Dr. Lauridsen and Ryan into the program and we have Dr. Jolene Mitchell joining them in August.”

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