Mining Association Director Says Coal’s Future is Bright

(Wyoming Public Media, February 15) – Wyoming Mining Association Executive Director Marion Loomis says coal’s future is bright — but that there’s a need for continued innovation — both in extraction technology and emissions control.

“We’ve made such tremendous strides in reducing emission levels. We’ve increased coal production about 170 percent in this country in the last 20 years and reduced pollutants by over 85 percent,” says Loomis.

Loomis says given time, the industry will figure out how to deal with carbon dioxide emissions, but he’s worried that regulations due out this year that would cap greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants will be too much, too soon.

Nevertheless, Loomis expects an uptick in Wyoming production this year, after a multi-year slide.

He plans to retire in April, after 40 years lobbying for the mining industry.

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